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Wednesday 8th December Workout

Decided that I’d go a bit heavier today so I know where my numbers

Incline DB Press
50kg x 6
50kg x 7
60kg x 3

Weighted Dips
BW + 10kg x 8
BW + 10kg x 8
BW + 10kg x 6

Military Press
45kg x 5
45kg x 4
45kg x 3

Definitely ready to up the poundages for the chest movements. As for the military press I need to add more reps.


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iPhone Fitness Apps

So I finally purchased my iPhone 4 yesterday, very happy with it especially with the number useful appliations I stumbled upon in the app store.

I’ve made my own applications folder which contains useful fitness applications such as :


Fitness Pro application

Deep Sleep (Helps users get into sleep)


iHome + Sleep

A possible future purchase?

I’ll be adding more in the near future